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Incomplete Knowledge

Trading in the forex market without a solid understanding of its mechanics is like flying a plane without a radar. Retail traders often learn just 10% of the necessary skills, mistakenly thinking that this limited knowledge is enough to guide them to financial success.

emotional dicisions

Lack of confidence

Your trading confidence is on a low because your strategy and plan are weak. Deep down, you feel it, leading to distrust in your own decisions. True confidence in trading comes from solid results and smart choices, not just luck. You need to restructure your approach and focus on strategies that work.


Gambling Mentality

Overtrading, poor risk management, and constant losses are signs of a gambling mentality in trading, often due to the lack of a structured approach and proper education. This mindset leads to chasing bad setups and breaking your own rules, turning trading into a losing game rather than profitable strategy


Chasing Quick Fixes

Many traders get caught up in a dramatic cycle of failure because they're tricked by flashy trading gurus selling false dreams. They keep running after the latest, greatest trading strategy, only to end up disappointed again and again. Believing these false promises keeps them stuck in a never-ending loop of setbacks.



Building Strong A Foundation
You'll start by understanding basic concepts, exploring various market types, and getting familiar with different trading tools.
Understanding Market Drivers
You'll Discover what drives market movements by studying economic indicators, using fundamental and technical analysis, and understanding sentiment analysis to uncover market forces.
Money Making Strategy
Unlock the proven PPT method for success. Copy our trading plan, analyze technically and fundamentally, execute and manage trades, and improve through post-trade analysis
Immediate Profitability
Our strategy equips you with time-tested methods for achieving quick profits. Smart traders replicate these powerful techniques for guaranteed success.
Overcoming Mental Barriers
Gain a winning mindset with ease. Learn to conquer psychological barriers, manage challenges, and handle trading stress effectively for your trading success.
Mastering Consistency
Unlock a world of effortless and consistent trading success. Gain expertise, establish daily routines and maintain habits! Secure your path to steady success in the world of trading.
Optimizing Performance
Begin this transformative journey towards trading success, guided by us. As we analyze your trades and share our professional wisdom. We’re fully committed to maximize your trading potential and profits.
Guaranteed Long-term Success
We're dedicated to holding you accountable and providing you with the essential knowledge to not only navigate ever-changing markets successfully but also to ensure your long-term profitability
Expanding Capital
Explore strategies to acquire more capital and broaden your trading opportunities. Scale up operations, attract investors and seek opportunities for growth
Peak Performer
Get ready to dominate on a global scale, from London to New York. Armed with the skills of a peak performer, you've conquered our exclusive program, and a future filled with success awaits you.

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Triumphs in Trading:

Real Stories of Victory!

Daniela Hughes

Successful Student after 3 years losing money

“After struggling for a couple of years in the industry, not being able to be successful, I finally found a place where I'm learning on a daily basis and approach the markets in a completely different way. I'm amazed with what I have learned so far with the PPT membership. The way I'm trading now changed drastically. I have a broader picture of everything and a bigger sense of confidence in the trades I take. You will learn a lot from the mentors! Definitely one of the best decisions I made. My only regret is not having joined the PPT program earlier.. “

The Goal

Daniela wanted to understand how complex events and various economic data affect trading. She aimed to become a skilled trader who can handle the challenges of financial markets.


The Bottleneck

Daniela struggled with the difficult task of timing trades accurately using many data points and market conditions. Emotions and market intricacies made decision-making hard, leading to uncertainty in her trades.


The Results

Daniela now fully understands how events impact trading, showing expertise in economic policies. Daniela has gained strong emotional control, boosting confidence in dealing with complex market conditions. Daniela has acquired extensive knowledge, becoming a highly skilled trader. Dorian conducts in-depth research, including analyzing central bank projections and complex bank reports, improving their grasp of market intricacies. Daniela is now dedicated to navigating market complexities with a strong work ethic. Daniela’s mindset has transformed, leading to self-assurance and confidence in facing trading challenges, marking a new era of determination and confidence.

Luis Pavao

Incredible Success after 4 Weeks

“Peak performance trading is the real deal. This mentorship is worth every penny. They taught me how the market works and what makes a currency appreciate and depreciate. They provided me with a good strategy that is data-based. which gives me confidence in my trading since it is a repeatable process. The mentorship is outstanding. The team answers all questions quickly with detailed answers. They also show you how to work like a professional trader, how to take notes, for example. My mindset has completely changed since the beginning of the mentorship. I have cut out the crap in my life; I have alarm to execute certain tasks; I read the bank research every day. I Have now high principles and extremely high standards for Myself. This mentorship has been truly eye opening! I have been interested in markets for about 3.5 years and FINALLY feel that I have a solid foundation for trading. I have tried trading different markets such as US equities, crypto, and also options trading. This program is specifically for FX, but I appreciate their no non-sense approach to this market. Trading FX is not easy, but it is a skill that can be learned. With the mentorship, there is no fluff. Trading is hard and requires a professional approach. Luckily, the mentors are very patient and they are willing to teach you a professional approach and mindset. I am very optimistic for my trading journey now, but must say that this program is not easy. It does have a certain price tag and will require dedication to complete all the tasks.“

The Goal

Luis's goal was to improve his trading skills and understanding of the financial markets. He initially learned about Technical Analysis (TA) and later about Fundamentals but felt there had to be a better trading approach. His ultimate aim was to gain more confidence in his trades, reduce uncertainty, and achieve consistent profitability


The Bottleneck

Luis struggled with uncertainty and anxiety in his trading. He found it challenging to predict market movements accurately and felt that his trading outcomes were beyond his control. His uncertainty led to emotional distress, including disappointment and anger. He also had a tendency to overtrade and seek revenge trading. Luis lacked a clear understanding of what they were doing wrong and had a belief that luck would eventually favor him


The Results

After mentoring, the Luis gained a clearer understanding of how the markets work and adopted a "data-driven" approach. This new perspective reduced his uncertainty and anxiety in trading. Luis began to see trading as having all the necessary ingredients and a recipe for success, even if his initial attempts might not be perfect. He also recognized the importance of access to well-organized information as a valuable resource. Luis understood that learning from mistakes and having proper knowledge and guidance from experienced traders were crucial tools for his development, ultimately leading to increased confidence and better trading outcomes

Eric Mitchell

From uncertainty to confidence, informed decisions

“The best decision I have made as a trader. After 4 years of trading, trying to trade with order blocks, trend lines, and just patterns that people say result in a certain outcome, was just nonsense. I feel more confident moving forward as a trader and now have a more understanding in the forex market and can't wait to see journey I have taken with this mentorship.

The Goal

The client's goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the financial markets and improve his trading skills. He was aware of some basics like the influence of banks, hedge funds, and major events on market prices, but his knowledge was superficial. His aim was to go beyond just technical analysis and fundamental data, seeking a more comprehensive grasp of what drives market movements and to develop a strategy for consistent and confident trading


The Bottleneck

His major bottleneck was a lack of depth in understanding market dynamics, which led to performance issues. He struggled with interpreting market movements accurately, often finding his technical analysis in conflict with actual market trends. This resulted in a loss of confidence and a fear of making new trades. He was challenged in differentiating between critical and non-essential market information, hindering his ability to devise effective trading strategies


The Results

After the mentoring program, the client achieved significant progress in his understanding and approach to trading. He gained valuable insights into the broader economic context, including the roles of governments and central banks, and how they impact currency movements. The program equipped him with practical tools, such as detailed bank reports and session recaps, enhancing his ability to align his trading strategies with the actual market scenarios. This comprehensive approach, along with personalized support from experienced traders, bolstered his confidence, reduced his trading fears, and led to more informed and profitable trading decisions

This Mentoring Is

For People Who..




Know That Trading isn’t A Quick Way To Get Rich, but a Real Chance to Make Money using Proven Methods.


Understand that Success in Trading doesn’t Come From Luck; it Comes From Hard Work and Learning.


Want Guidance From Experts who’ve been in the Industry For Over A Decade.


Realize that Trading Involves More Than Just Looking at Charts and Lines.


Are Tired of Inconsistent Results and want to Make Money More Steadily.


Are Ready to Fully Commit to Our Step-By-Step Success Strategy.


Want to Take Control of their Financial Future and Improve Their Trading.


Believe in Their Potential to Become Successful Traders with the Right Guidance and Mindset.


Think That Technical Analysis is Enough For Long Term Profitable Trading


Want to Flip Their $500 Account to $20K within a Week


Want to Start Trading because they are Lazy with the Goal of Hanging Out All Day on the Beach!


Your Personal Mentors

Take the First Step with Confidence and Achieve Fast Success. We're Always There, Guiding You from Beginning to Long-Term Profitability. Our Mentorship Provides Continuous Guidance, from Your First Steps to Your Breakthrough Moments. With Us, You’re Never Alone on Your Journey to Success - Even When You're Ready to Conquer the World, We Are Still at Your Side

Tom B.

Founder of Peak Performance Trading

For over a decade, Tom has been immersed in the world of trading, starting his journey at the young age of 18. By the time he was 20, his trading expertise had already taken him around the globe. Throughout these years, Tom has collaborated with a multitude of brokers and asset managers. His career is distinguished by leading a variety of projects and businesses within the trading sector, each endeavor significantly enriching his depth of knowledge and expertise in the field.

Marcio M.

Founder of Peak Performance Trading

For over a decade Marcio has always had a deep interest in trading, particularly in the realm of automated trading programs. Started his journey 2011 over the years, he's developed extensive knowledge and skill in this area. He's achieved notable success, selling several of his programs for six-figure sums. Now, he brings his expertise to this mentoring team, ready to share his valuable insights and experiences.

Steven P.

Successful Day Trader

Steven, a seasoned trader, began his career over fifteen years ago. Known for innovative strategies, he gained respect in trading circles by his mid-20s. His journey across continents, working with top firms and developing successful trading strategies, earned him a visionary reputation. Now, Steven focuses on mentoring, sharing his extensive experience and insights

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Frequently asked Questions

Absolutely. Our program is designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating those with full-time jobs. The strategies we teach can be applied effectively, even with a limited schedule. We focus on efficient trading techniques that can be integrated into your daily routine without overwhelming your existing commitments.

Yes, there is a fee for our mentoring program. This investment covers personalized, one-on-one mentorship, access to exclusive resources, and a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance your trading skills. We believe in the value of this investment for your long-term growth and success in the trading field.

Our program is unique in that it doesn’t have a specific time frame. We offer unlimited mentoring, allowing you to learn and grow at your own pace. This approach ensures that you have all the time you need to fully absorb the strategies and skills being taught, without the pressure of a set end date.

Our students typically see significant improvements in their trading skills and decision-making abilities. Many have achieved considerable success, reflected in their trading performance and confidence in the market. We pride ourselves on the high success rate of our students, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our mentoring approach and the dedication they put into their learning journey.

Our main purpose in offering mentoring is our passion for trading and education. We truly love guiding and supporting others in their journey to become proficient traders. This passion drives us to share our knowledge and experience, helping our mentees not just learn, but excel in the trading world. For us, mentoring is more than a service – it’s a way of contributing to and being a part of someone else’s success story.

Our track record is best reflected in our clients’ successes. While we can provide specific track records for those looking to invest with us, it’s important to note that our program focuses on teaching our strategies, not just copying our trades. Our proven success and proof of concept are evident in the accomplishments and growth of our clients, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach and the value of the knowledge we impart.

The price reflects the high value and quality of the mentoring you receive. Our program offers personalized, one-on-one mentorship from experienced professionals, access to exclusive resources, and a comprehensive curriculum tailored to your trading goals. This investment is not just in the program but in your long-term success and growth as a trader, providing you with skills and knowledge that have the potential to yield significant returns in your trading career.

Our program’s uniqueness lies in its personalized, one-on-one approach, tailored specifically to each individual’s needs and trading goals. We provide direct access to seasoned trading professionals, offering mentorship based on real-world experience and success. Additionally, our unlimited time frame allows for a deep, comprehensive learning experience. This is not a one-size-fits-all program; it’s a specialized journey crafted to ensure your personal and professional growth in the trading world.

Our mentors are highly experienced, bringing decades of collective experience in trading. They are not just academically qualified, but also have extensive real-world experience, having navigated various market conditions successfully. This deep understanding of the market nuances, strategies, and risk management sets them apart and enriches the learning experience they provide.

One-on-one mentorship is a key component of our program. We ensure that each participant receives individualized sessions, allowing for a tailored learning experience. These sessions are crucial for addressing your unique questions, challenges, and goals, ensuring a personalized growth journey.

This program requires a significant commitment, not just in terms of time, but also in dedication to learning and applying new concepts. We expect participants to engage actively with the material, attend sessions regularly, and apply the lessons in their trading practices. This level of commitment is essential for maximizing the benefits of the program and achieving substantial growth as a trader.

Yes, our program is designed to be inclusive of all skill levels, including beginners. We start with foundational concepts before advancing to more complex strategies. Our mentors are adept at tailoring their teaching to meet individual learning needs, ensuring that beginners receive the support they need to understand and apply the principles of successful trading.

Definitely. We understand the challenges of balancing a full-time job with learning. Our program is flexible, with options to schedule sessions at convenient times. We strive to accommodate your professional commitments while ensuring that you can fully engage with and benefit from the program.

Upon completion, you can expect a profound enhancement in your trading skills and decision-making abilities. Our aim is for you to develop a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, risk management, and trading psychology. You should be able to approach trading with a greater level of confidence and competence, equipped with strategies that have been tested and refined in real market conditions.

You can apply through this website. Or through @peakperformancetrading on Instagram. Just send us a Direct Message. Our selection criteria focus on your dedication to learning and your commitment to actively engage in the program. We look for enthusiastic individuals who are keen on growing their trading skills and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort. After the application, there might be a follow-up interview to better understand your goals and ensure a good fit with our program.